3. Browsing Area

[Browsing Area] is the place to browse your selected folders. You can open multiple tabs like a web browser.


3.1 Asset icon

Assets are split into three different categories in Found: folders, visual assets (with big thumbnails and rich features) and non-visual assets (basic supports).

Hold down the middle mouse button (without releasing) on a visual asset, you should see the information dialogue, which shows the detailed analysis of the file.

For image files, if you drag the icon off their positions with the middle mouse button, a floating image window will be created.

A mini Collection menu will popup when using your left mouse button to drag the assets.


Use the keyboard TAB key to invoke the Quick Search bar. Type filenames, file information or keywords in the notes to find your files.

3.3 Other features

If you see an image sequence in a folder, you can click the icon ① to turn the sequence back to individual image files.

Use the slider ② to control the size of the visual assets’ thumbnails.

You can decide what information is displayed under the visual assets’ thumbnails with ③.

You can change the sorting order through ④, or reverse the current order by turning on ⑤.


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