2. Sidebar

[Sidebar] is used to navigate through your local storage and [Collections]. It has three collapse panels from top to bottom: [Directory], [Quick Access], and [Collection].

[Collapse the panel] On the title bar of each panel, you can find the “arrow” icon at the very right end. Click the “arrow” icon to minimize the corresponding panel.

[Hide the item]Move the mouse to the right on an item and you will see the “eye” icon. It’s used to control whether the item is visible when its panel’s dominant “eye” is “closed”. If you click the item’s eye to “close” it, and then also “close” the eye of the panel (next to the arrow icon), all the “closed” items in the panel will be invisible, until the panel’s eye is switched back to “open”.


2.1 Directory panel

Browse your local drives and NAS resources. You can hide the paths irrelevant to your workflow with the eye feature mentioned above, to concentrate on what matters to you.


2.2 Quick Access panel

Here keeps the shortcuts to your favorite folders. You can drag folders from the Directory panel, Browsing Area, or from your system’s file browser to here, for easy access. When Found is initialized for the first time, your system’s file browser’s favorite folders and quick access folders are synced here. Right click the title bar of the panel to sync again manually.


[Change Alias]

You can assign a different alias to the folders in Quick Access, by either double-clicking the folder name, or right click and select the command. The alias won’t modify the folder’s actual name, it’s for display purpose only.


2.3 Collection panel

Collection is a unique feature of Found. You can create collections to gather different assets together, for any purposes. See 5 [Collection] below for details.


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